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Team coaching to achieve meaningful outcomes

Understanding your needs

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What you need today is different from yesterday; and it's different from another person.

Your coach will work with you to understand your situation.

It could range from a specific problem you want to triage this week, a development area you want to focus on in the short term, how to give feedback to your direct reports, or preparing for that big presentation.

Look at some focus areas here - and see if any of them are relevant to you.

Schedule sessions when it's convenient

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Your coach works remotely from sunny, Phoenix, Arizona so you can book sessions when it's convenient.  It can be first thing in the morning (after coffee, of course), any time during the work day in a meeting room, or when you are home.

The coaching sessions are hosted via video chat or voice call.

If something urgent and important comes up, you can message your coach and a "rescue" chat may be possible until a full session is booked.

Tailored coaching sessions

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You will not be placed on a pre-defined lesson, or be obligated to purchase a learning track.

This is an investment on YOU.  Your session is tailored based on the area of focus that you choose.

You will receive action steps and tools that you can use immediately.

When it makes sense, the session time can be used to "practice" your action steps.

Read more details on the Lotus Beacon philosophy here.

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