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Imagine yourself as a master

in the art of your growth.



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Focus attention on the various aspects of your true self at any given moment.

Being conscious and honest with who you are, how you are perceiving your surroundings, and the reality of your self image.


For groups of 2 or more people.

Awakening the consciousness of the group to enable supportive change.

Individuals feel safe to voice (positive and constructive) 

observations; group is grateful and if needed, be open to making on-the-spot adjustment.

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You've watched a ton of 'talks', attended conferences, and you've accumulated a library of self-help books and articles, and they have inspired you!  When it's time to put what you've learned to often run into situations the 'talks and books' didn't cover.  They may be good inspiration, but you need 'fuel' to keep going.  So, what do you do?

You get more inspiration.  You buy another book, and watch more 'talks'...and you do this over and over, and over, and over...ok you get it.

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Why choose Lotus Beacon?

3 core elements of growth:

  • Be self aware

  • Embrace discomfort 

  • Take iterative action (fail fast)

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Self awareness = being present in the moment and mindful (not mind-full). Conscious attention to your impact on others and how others are affecting you. 


Lynn will teach you concepts of mindfulness that is meaningful to your situation.

Myth: mindfulness is not just meditation - it much broader than that.

Embrace discomfort = ability to accept and thrive in constant change by being solution-focused; knows when complacency is starting to take form.

If you want a "cheerleader" this is not the place for you.  Accountability is essential.  Lynn may wrap encouragement with some "tough love."

Iterative action = act from intention (not perfection) and improve choices as wisdom is gained from experience (and sometimes from failure).


Lynn will give you tools and guidance that you can immediately take to practice.

This is the journey to iterative action and gaining wisdom from experience.

Every coaching session is tailored to improve your capacity in all 3 elements of growth.


The result is uniquely you, only better.

The Lotus Beacon difference:

With time and practice, you will develop mastery in these 3 elements and need less coaching.

Perhaps, you can teach others and spread the light of Lotus Beacon.

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