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Inspiring and educating the audience


Lynn Almoro has been a speaker and panel member in a variety of events and forums:

Speaking topics:

  • Industry conferences and break-out sessions

  • Team or organization planning summits

  • Leadership forums

  • Annual strategic planning sessions

  • Employee engagement meetings

  • Board meetings

  • Fit-for-purpose themed events

  • Women in leadership

  • Women in technology, "girls" in STEM

  • Adapting through life and career change

  • Work-life integration

  • New to leadership - what traps to avoid

  • Mastering the art of your growth and transformation

  • Practicing the "growth mindset"

  • Implementing Agile framework in your team

  • Business architecture and business process design

  • Parenting with a demanding career

  • Mindfulness for all ages

There are various technology related topics that Lynn can also cover - please view her LinkedIn profile for her executive and technical experience.

She has worked with audience sizes that are big and small. They come from diverse backgrounds (professionals, technologists and engineers, leaders, high school and college students) across a wide range of industries.

Lynn will tailor the content and presentation to educate, inspire, and ignite action.

Depending on the situation, we have hourly rate or project rate.

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