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Are these growth areas relevant to you?

Do you have a list of "stuff" you want to improve on?  Sometimes the list could feel overwhelming because there's a desire to improve on ALL of them NOW.

In the journey of transformation, more is not better.  Choosing one (at most 2) promotes focus and builds mastery in a short period of time.  This prevents working on the same thing for years.

Once you meet with your coach, depending on the area you choose, it may be broken down into smaller chunks so you can make an impact sooner than later.

Below is a list of "soft-skills" to get you started.

You don't have to pick from this list, you can bring up any area(s) you want.

If you are not sure which one to focus on, it's okay - you can bring a list and your coach will help you narrow it down.

  • Personal brand

  • Networking

  • Giving feedback

  • Receiving feedback

  • Work-life integration

  • Managing-up (your boss and above)

  • Communication and active listening

  • Conflict management

  • Collaboration and teamwork

  • Self discipline with calendar/time

  • Saying "NO"; prioritization

  • Making decisions (quickly)

  • Setting vision, goals, objectives

  • Coaching your direct reports

  • Delegation and follow-up

  • Accountability

  • Micro-managing

  • Transition to new role (first "90 days")

  • New to leadership role

  • Adapting, resilience through change

  • Exploring new or change in career

  • Seeking promotion

  • "Stuck in a rut"

  • Establishing trust, integrity issues

  • Presenting to large audience

  • Innovation and "hackathons"

  • Leading a meeting and/or discussion

  • Building the best team

  • Courage in leadership

  • Navigating workplace politics

  • Women in leadership

  • Women in technology

  • Defining your own development plan

  • New parents with a career

  • Parenting and career

  • Blended family and career

These are additional "hard-skills" that may also be of interest to you.

  • Project management

  • Business architecture

  • Process flow and design

  • Creating powerpoint presentations

  • Providing status reports/updates

  • Writing performance reviews

  • Creating / updating your resume

  • Creating / updating your LinkedIn profile

  • Preparing for job interview

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Initial Coaching

1 hour   |   $200  Free


  • Short getting to know you questionnaire via email


  • 60-minutes session via video chat or phone​


  • Discuss specific area(s) of your choice. Click here to explore areas that may be relevant to you.


  • Your coach will give you actionable next steps so you can immediately begin your growth journey.


  • A follow-up email to check-in on your progress

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