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Man fishing on lake from boat at sunset.

Lynn Almoro has mentored and coached countless professionals and students to successfully navigate through new (and often challenging) chapters of their careers and lives.

She is a mom (to teenagers!!!), a wife, a seasoned executive and an entrepreneur.  She understands all the speed bumps and the brick walls in the journey.  She knows the importance of work-life integration.

Experience has taught her that failures and setbacks give wisdom; they have been essential ingredients to every milestone of success she has reached.

She brings mindful passion in her coaching, and makes it a priority to give practical tools and guidance for immediate action and impact.

More about Lynn's story here.

Her executive profile and technology experience here.


meet Lynn Almoro

is inspired by the Chinese proverb
Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.
Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Our mission is to teach you how to reach

the next and better version of you any time, all the time.

The result is less need for coaching.

Imagine yourself a master in the art

of your growth and transformation



awareness is the ignition for change


You're honest about your true self.

When you mess-up or you're back to your old habits; you notice and acknowledge.

You know when you do well; when you are skilled.

You know your boundaries and your limits. 


(groups of 2 or more people)

Individuals are attentive to the group dynamics and will express

observations to promote supportive change.

Individuals in the group are grateful and receptive.

Lotus Beacon_Iso_FF.png
Lotus Beacon_Iso_FF.png

always leaving your


growth begins at the edge of your comfort zone

You are aware when you're getting comfortable.

You seek the unfamiliar to challenge yourself beyond your boundaries.

no parking comfort zone.png
Lotus Beacon_Iso_FF.png

purposeful and intentional


action is the accelerator

of your growth

You take immediate action that comes from an honest desire to improve and transform despite feeling uncomfortable

act fast.png

We will help you master these 3 skills as you go through your journey of growth in the areas you choose.

The result is you, only better, all the time. With practice, you will need less coaching.


Perhaps, you can even teach and spread the light of Lotus Beacon.


  • Short getting to know you questionnaire via email


  • 60-minutes session via video chat or phone​


  • Discuss specific area(s) of your choice. Click here for a list of topics that may be relevant to you.


  • Your coach will give you actionable next steps so you can immediately begin your growth journey.


  • A follow-up email to check-in on your progress

Initial Coaching

1 hour   |   $200  Free

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